​​​My Signature Massage

Reduced Prices​ (anything below the prices shown in this website, per massage type):

The Benefits:

Clients receive prices that are below what is normally charged for the session for packages or pay as you go sessions, with NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED! Prices are often lower than what can be found elsewhere!

Reduced Prices have been offered in a variety of ways over the years: Special offers for packages & pay as you go sessions, new client continuance offers, grandfathered 2019 prices, & ​one price for all sessions.

Small price increases will occur annually, beginning on October 1, 2024, until the normal price is reached. Notification will be provided on September 1, 2024.

  • Terms & Agreements are disclosed with each offer. If you need clarification on your price, please contact me.
  • When appointments are not scheduled according to the offer or packages expire: I reserve the right to charge what is normally charged for the session, at the first return massage. This is determined by the time lapsed since the last massage received, or the expiration date on packages. 
  • Exceptions: Illness, injury, emergency, and if I must cancel or change appointments (including MY TIME AWAY for holidays/vacations).​​