​​​​My Best-Signature Massage:

A variety of advanced techniques are integrated into each massage  providing a comprehensive treatment for acute/chronic pain and accumulated muscle tension due to compensation factors, sports, fitness, injury, or occupational/emotional stress. Relaxation massage is integrated for a healing effect.

Integrated Techniques:

Deep Tissue Massage,

Lymphatic Drainage (non-medical needs),

Myofascial Release,


Sports Massage,

Swedish Relaxation Massage,

​Trigger Point Therapy.

Includes abdominal, facial, and scalp massage (optional, upon request).

The Full Price (before discounts are applied):​​

60 minutes: $90

75 minutes: $113

90 minutes: $135

120 minutes: $180

6/1/2024: This is a new price. The previous price gave breaks on 75 minutes & 90 minutes. The new price is per hour of service.

Ways To Save: There are no memberships required to receive discounts on this massage. Discounts are given to ENCOURAGE routine sessions, in order to receive the maximum benefits of massage. There are several ways to save: 

Packages: Recommended when you prefer to schedule appointments over a period of months.

Therapeutic Wellness Program for Frequent/Regular Massage: Receive convenient pay as you go terms.  Schedule routine sessions over a period of weeks. Preset/Standing appointments are required. Prices are determined by scheduling frequency, per massage, on a year round basis.

Same Week Openings: Special prices are available on openings for THE CURRENT WEEK, as shown on the online calendar. These are more available June-September! Watch for email notifications on these openings! First Come/First Served. Prices vary.

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Gratuities are not included in any price.​​​​​