​​​My Best-Signature Massage:

A variety of advanced techniques are integrated into each massage  providing a comprehensive treatment for acute/chronic pain and accumulated muscle tension due to compensation factors, sports, fitness, injury, or occupational/emotional stress. Relaxation massage is integrated for a healing effect.

Integrated Techniques:

Deep Tissue Massage,

Lymphatic Drainage (non-medical needs),

Myofascial Release,


Sports Massage,

Swedish Relaxation Massage,

​Trigger Point Therapy.

Includes abdominal, facial, and scalp massage (optional, upon request).

The Full Price (before discounts are applied):​​

A thorough massage:

60 minutes: $90

75 minutes: $105

A more comprehensive massage:

90 minutes: $135

120 minutes: $165

  • Save on this price with Same Week Openings (see the Special Offers page).

Ways To Save: There are no memberships required to receive discounts on this massage. There are several ways to save: 

Packages: Recommended when you prefer to schedule appointments over a period of months.

Therapeutic Wellness Program for Frequent/Regular Massage: Receive the maximum benefits of massage by scheduling routine sessions over a period of weeks, with preset/standing appointments. Prices are determined by scheduling frequency, per massage, on a year round basis. Pay as you go.

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Gratuities are not included in any price.​​​​​