Other massage types & services with one price for all sessions:

Relaxation Massage:

Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage:​

When your PRIMARY GOAL is to relax, but one area needs some comprehensive bodywork. 

One price: 60 minutes $70.

Pure Relaxation Massage (no therapeutic focus): 

When you want a calm, relaxing experience. Great for stress relief, not specific pain relief.  

One price: 50 - 60 minutes $65.

Quick Fix Massage:

When you need work on a problem area. Comprehensive Body Work. Upper or Lower Body.

One price: 60 minutes $75, 45 minutes $60, 30 minutes $45.

Integrated Reflexology:

All reflexology zones and meridians are stimulated during this treatment, for a full body energetic healing result. Myofascial  Release and soft tissue massage zero in on tension areas, for further relief and relaxation.

​One price: 60 minutes $65. 


Hot Stones: $15.

Aromatherapy-Full Body: $10. Mini Treatment: $5.

Extra time for reflexology: 30 minutes $30.

House Calls (available to established clients only).

House calls are not available October - June.​​