I have always offered great prices to thank clients for their regular business, along with several options to suit their scheduling needs & therapeutic goals!

After a long period of stagnant pricing, I created a new price structure on 10/1/2023 with the prices shown in this website. These are the normal prices for each massage type.

In lieu of an overall price increase, clients with reduced prices are subject to paying the normal price when appointments are not scheduled according to their offer, or if packages expire (extenuating circumstances are taken into consideration).​​

Important information is provided below to disclose how clients are charged for their sessions, and when higher prices or fees may apply. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Payment Options:

Payments are made at the time of service, or phone payments & emailed invoices are available upon request.

Credit/Debit Cards:

I am happy to accept all major credit/debit cards for your convenience, credit card perks, and airline miles!

Fees are charged to me on each transaction. I will cover the fees when gratuities of 20% or more are added to the price. Otherwise, I reserve the right to pass fees to clients. This may be a subsequent charge, or deduction from any package.

Square Processing:

  1. In person with a chipcard: 3%.
  2. Manually entered numbers, phone payments and emailed invoices: 4%.

Venmo is available: 2%.

No Fees: Check, Cash, Zelle.

Late Cancellations & No Shows:

Appointments are confirmed 3 or more days in advance. That is a good time to let me know if you have any known conflicts.

Please provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice when you need to cancel or change an appointment. This provides me with the best chance to fill openings. Fees may apply with less notice.

Late Cancellations & No Shows (less than a 4 hour notice):

  • 100% of the price you were scheduled to pay, unless due to circumstances beyond your control such as sudden illness, injury, emergency. Please contact me as soon as you know you cannot keep an appointment.

Late Arrivals:

 Late arrivals will be given what is left of the appointment time with a full charge fee, unless schedules are flexible that day.

Discounts On My Signature Massage-The Normal Price:

Clients are encouraged to select the best option for their scheduling needs and therapeutic goals!

The Full Price applies with AS NEEDED/SPORADIC SESSIONS scheduled throughout the year. Clients can save on this price with SAME WEEK OPENINGS when available.

Discounts on The Full Price are available for Packages and Frequent/Regular Massage.

Packages of 3 (expiration dates apply):

  1. If payment was made at the last massage on the package, the expiration date is set from the following month forward. If at massage #1, it is set from the payment date forward.
  2. Expired amounts may apply to the next highest price, depending upon the amount of time that has passed, up to the Full Price*.

Frequent/Regular Massage: 

  1. Pay as you go.
  2. Preset/Standing appointments work best.
  3. Discounts begin with at least 1 massage every 4 weeks.
  4. When appointments lapse, prices may be determined by the number of weeks since the last massage received (at the first return massage), on a year round basis.
  5. The discounted price resumes with the normal scheduling frequency.


  • Higher prices are NEVER CHARGED when appointments are missed or packages expire due to illness, injury, emergency, or if I must cancel or change appointments (including my time away for holidays & vacations).

Reduced Prices (below the NORMAL PRICE):

I am happy to offer these prices, which are often less than what can be found elsewhere.

There are scheduling agreements and packages must be used and renewed as agreed. All details are provided with each offer. If you need clarification on your price, please contact me.

Reduced Packages & Pay As You Go Sessions:

THE NORMAL PRICE, OR THE FULL PRICE may apply if appointments are not scheduled according to the offer, or packages expire. Prices are determined time by time passed since the last massage received or the expiration date on packages.


Higher prices are NEVER CHARGED 

when sessions are missed or packages expire due to illness, injury, emergency, or if I must cancel or change appointments (including my time away for holidays & vacations).

Refunds on Packages:

  • Refundable upon request, if due to long-term illness or injury, moving out of state, or situations that PREVENT you from using the massage(s).

You are free to transfer any remaining balance to another person as a gift, upon request. Please contact me with their name, telephone number, and email address:

  • Remaining balances will apply to what they normally pay. Prepaid gratuity will apply towards gratuity.

Gift Certificates:

  • Please use all massages or schedule all massages in advance, by the expiration date.
  • Expired amounts will apply to the Full Price, and any prepaid gratuity will apply towards gratuity, for 1 year from the expiration date.
  • Extensions are given if health conditions or injuries interfere with scheduling, upon request.

You are free to transfer unused gifts to another person, or back to the person who gave the gift to you, once expired. Please contact me with their name, telephone number, and email address:

  • The purchase price will apply what they normally pay. Prepaid gratuity will apply towards gratuity.

Illness Policy:

I have always implemented precautionary measures when it comes to illness. My goal is to STAY WELL, and KEEP EVERYONE ELSE WELL! No cases of illness have been associated with my practice in 35 years!

Clients are not seen with any of the following (fees for late cancellations never apply when due to valid illness):

  • Any symptom of illness, even if mild (unless they have been diagnosed as not being contagious): Sniffles, congestion, sore throat, fever, coughing, sneezing, loss of taste or smell, GI issues, etc. All symptoms must be gone to return.

  • I reserve the right to postpone any session for a minimum of 5 days with increased risk factors such as travel, attending large events, and when knowingly exposed to anything contagious.


Small/Quiet pets in carriers can be accommodated. Valid service dogs are permitted.

Personal Property (Jewelry, etc.):

It is not uncommon for clients to leave personal items behind after their massage. I will immediately contact you if I notice you have left something behind in my treatment room. Rest assured that what is left behind will be safeguarded, until it is returned to you.

Items left outside of my studio (restroom, lobby, etc.) cannot be safeguarded, and I take no responsibility for those items.

Massage therapy and bodywork are not meant to be a substitute for any professional health care treatments. Please provide updated information on any changes in the status of your health. If you have a specific illness, please consult your doctor before pursuing any massage therapy or bodywork treatments.

A Touch of Balance Massage for Health does not perform any diagnostic procedure except for assessing and treating each clients complaints due to emotional stress, chronic pain, long standing tension and/or injuries. Nor do I treat any specific medical condition, intentionally perform spinal/skeletal manipulations, prescribe natural/herbal supplements or pharmaceutical medications.

The focus is on promoting relaxation and overall health & well-being. The results achieved will vary depending upon individual situations, unique circumstances, and the frequency of each session received.


Clients are asked to make informed decisions 

for themselves on any increased risk factors, such as age and/or pre-existing health conditions. From there, receiving massage therapy becomes a personal choice. 

I am committed to do everything possible to reduce the known risk factors, and if clients do their part, massage therapy can be provided with a very low risk. 

​Because the nature of this virus makes it impossible to provide a 100% guarantee any where we go today, all liability for COVID-19 will be waived for services received from A Touch of Balance Massage for Health and Jan Jakubowski.

Professional Code of Ethics & Zero Tolerance Policy:

While Massage Therapy is a highly sought after, preventative healthcare profession, there are still times when massage therapists are subjected to outdated connotations on the "touch aspect" of massage. For this reason, it must be mentioned that the massage you receive with A Touch of Balance Massage for Health and Jan Jakubowski is strictly legitimate and professional.

Any inappropriate suggestions or advances will result in the immediate termination of the session, with a full charge fee. Future appointments will not be scheduled, and law enforcement will be contacted.

​Privacy Statement:
A Touch of Balance Massage for Health does not collect personal information on this website, or sell/trade personal/private information to anyone.​​​