High Quality Massage Therapy in Scottsdale.

Welcome to A Touch of Balance Massage for Health!

Integrated, Result Oriented Bodywork and Massage Therapy Since 1989.

Keeping massage therapy as safe as possible during COVID-19 is my top priority! Please view my plan for safety on the Policies page.

I am committed to represent massage therapy in a professional way, as a Healing Art!

High ethics & morals factor into the way I live and practice, and I will provide my services with honesty & integrity in all areas.

Doctors, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, and Yoga Instructors refer their patients and customers to me, so you can trust you are in GOOD HANDS!

Whether you are new to massage, or a massage connoisseur, you are invited to experience the difference 31 years of experience can make.

Massages are customized to each clients unique circumstances, health conditions, and therapeutic goals, with several massage types and pricing options available.There is something for everyone!

My Most Popular Service:

Signature Massage - Therapeutic Program

This program is designed for those who want to schedule FREQUENT/REGULAR sessions, for the maximum benefits to unfold. There are no contracts or memberships required.

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES are integrated into each massage, for a Result Oriented treatment that also leaves you completely relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated!

Frequent treatments can go a long way to treat what ails you. Even if pain/dysfunction are due to something massage cannot remedy, it can help manage the stress associated with chronic pain syndromes, boost immunity, improve range of motion, and keep compensating muscle groups in balance, so that other issues are less likely to develop.

​Company Overview:

Located near Historic Old Town Scottsdale and the HonorHealth Medical Facilities. In The Quiet Center:​ A professional establishment, with high degrees of ambiance and peaceful surroundings, created for quiet professions.

All massages are performed by me personally. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, or the deepest, most corrective form of massage, you will find the perfect massage for you!​

  • Prompt and efficient communications with clients.
  • Receive the full time for all appointments.
  • Convenient online scheduling.
  • Clean and professional business operations.
  • Massages are given within a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, in a resort quality treatment room. High levels of ambiance and eye pleasing decor are high priorities.
  • Only the highest quality oils, lotions, aromatherapy oils and creams are used.​
  • Professionally laundered linens, soft cotton blankets, and hot towels are used to further enhance each massage experience. 
  • Soothing music is played on a quality sound system.
  • A custom built massage table that will leave you saying "This is the most comfortable table I've ever been on"...guaranteed!
  • Shower facilities are available.

Licenses and Professional Associations:

  • Licensed by The Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy ~ License #MT-03188P since 1989.
  • A Member of Associated Body Workers and Massage Professionals.
  • City of Scottsdale Business & Massage Facility Licenses.

Initial Education/Certifications:
Graduated from The Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1989.

Continuing Education:
Sports Massage
Reiki Levels I, II & III (Usui Reiki Master) 
Hand & Foot Reflexology
Lymphatic Drainage (non medical needs)
Facial Rejuvenation (lymphatic drainage of the face - non medical needs)
Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial Release (Applications & Concepts): Thomas Myers & John Barnes.

About Jan Jakubowski:
Being part of a family massage therapy business, I grew up around many therapists: Family, Students, and Experienced Teachers. I was very fortunate to receive massage from all of them at a very young age! Later, I became our company's gateway for new graduates seeking employment opportunities, by critiquing their techniques and skills. 

Receiving frequent massages before I became a student, was actually the beginning of my training. My brain was being imprinted with great knowledge, with every massage I received! I was later able to draw on these experiences when I entered the massage therapy industry myself. 

My family business began with my mother (now 92 years old). She was a pioneer in bringing massage therapy out of the darkness and into the light in Phoenix many years ago.

After becoming a massage therapist herself, she opened the first fully accredited massage college in Phoenix at the time: The Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College (later sold).

Two subsidiary companies followed: A therapeutic clinic, and an on call massage service, which supplied therapists to most of the high quality resorts in the Valley for many years.

We were established as being the forerunner in the industry at the time. Our strong commitment to establish higher standards and laws, has helped to evolve ​the massage industry into what it is known to be today: A highly respected and sought after preventative health care modality.

My Journey into Massage Therapy:

Prior to 1988, I worked in accounting/bookkeeping for many years. My last employer was a local General Contractor, where I was a full charge bookkeeper, responsible for all phases of  construction accounting, payroll, and preparations for CPA's.

With a downturn in the economy, this company went out of business, and my life changed. But, that put me on an entirely different pathway...

I went to massage college, and graduated from The Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1989. I immediately began my career at The Village Tennis Club (now DMB Sports Clubs & The Village Racquet & Health Club), where I was an Independent Contractor, Lead Therapist, and the Operations Manager through October 2002. With a change in ownership, I became a part-time employee there from October 2002-November 2006.

Some time was spent working with Dr. Alan Abromovitz MD (Pain Specialist). Part of his success in treating chronic pain patients, was due to including 3 massages per week into their treatment protocol. It was a rewarding

experience to see how much they improved with massage!

A Touch of Balance Massage for Health began part time in 2002, and went full time in 2006. My business has become what I have envisioned it to be.

I have been in consistent practice for 31 years, and I'm still going strong!​​​

Establishing this many years in the massage industry doesn't come easy, but I'm not not even close to burning out! In fact, I am stronger than ever before! As of 2020 I have counted 85,000 hours of hands on experience!

Most of my progression and growth has not been learned in a classroom, but by working, experiencing, and being with so many different elements that have come my way as a long time massage therapist.

This is a field where one never stops learning, growing, and progressing. I engage in regular continuing education and I'm always doing some sort of self education associated with bodywork and healing.

My strong body, mind and spirit have allowed me to do a lot of hard physical work. With a lot of determination and gratitude, I strive to be my best, and I am committed to becoming even better with each passing year, so that I can pass it all along to you!