Most of my clients are very long term ones, consisting of Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Computer Programmers, Interior Designers, Physical Therapists, Dancers, Yoga Instructors, Art Gallery Owners, Personal Trainers, Teachers, Developers, Personal/Motivational Coaches, CPA's, Massage Therapists, Stock Brokers/Investors, Real Estate Agents, and the busy moms and wives of those mentioned. 

The vast majority of my clients are female.

The massage provided is professional and legitimate.


  • "I had to discontinue my regular massage sessions with Jan not long ago. I quickly began to see that my body did not feel the same.  My aches and pains returned, and my neck was hurting so badly, I couldn't sleep at night! I couldn't get in with Jan right away, so I tried going for a massage elsewhere, and found no relief! I called Jan and scheduled her next opening. I slept all night, my neck felt great, and I realized that no matter what, I had to get back on Jan's books as soon as possible. No one can release my tension like Jan! She is truly an amazing massage therapist, and is very caring and gifted at what she does!" Carol M.

  • "Jan's many years of experience and expertise are demonstrated in each and every one of the massages I have received from her over these many years. A consistently great massage that offers both therapeutic results and relaxation. Even though I am watching my dollars, Jan is worth every dollar spent! When it comes to relieving my pain and stress, my regular massage with Jan has become something I value greatly and I will not do without! I say my prayers for Jan every day asking God to protect her so that she will always be there for me!" Pam D.

  • "Jan Jakubowski LMT has literally kept me out of a wheelchair! Over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with  MS, and slowly, one of my legs did not want to work properly. Plus, my back would stiffen up so much from the muscles tightening up around my spine that I could hardly get up and down. My Neurologist suggested I try Deep Tissue Massage... and thank God I found Jan! She is absolutely THE BEST, and thanks to her, has kept me walking and participating in an active lifestyle. My Neurologist recently told me that I was a remarkable patient because she thought I would have been in a wheelchair by now. All of the credit goes to Jan Jakubowski. My husband, who has no problems, is now also a client of Jan's. We both go every other week and can't go without our regular massage!!! Jan is a lifesaver!!!"Pat R. & Fred S.

  • "My wife and I have been clients of Jan Jakubowski for twenty years, and have the highest regard for her. I have had massages at all of the best resorts in the Valley, and Jan is better than all of them! Her professionalism, integrity and good counsel have helped us both maintain our health through good and stressful times".John G.

  • "Jan Jakubowski LMT, has been giving me deep tissue massages for close to 20 years. I grew up in Europe, where massages were part of healthy living. Coming to America, it was difficult to find a good therapist. Until I found Jan!!  I refuse to go to anyone else. She can immediately tell and remedy any problems I may have. My husband and I are firm believers in Jan's remarkable abilities as a massage therapist".KMG

  • Happily Humming Along!"I have been receiving massages on a regular basis from Jan Jakubowski for nearly 30 years! Yes, I'm loyal, but to be honest, she is simply the best! I've had good massages in other places - resorts while on vacation, local spa visits - but none a quite as good as Jan's. I'm in good health with fairly common degenerating disc issues, neck tension and headaches due to every day stress. Seeing Jan keeps these issues at bay, which in turn keeps me happily humming along". Sette