Here are some easy ways to save! These cannot be used at the same session, unless it is part of the offer.

Referral Discounts:

Refer your friends, family, and business associates to me for massage, and you will receive a 20% discount on the price you pay, for every massage they receive (up to 3 - 60 minutes or more).

New clients must reside locally, being accessible to becoming new clients.

Same Month Openings & Same Week Openings:

This is a great way for clients who prefer to schedule AS NEEDED to save! Special prices are offered on select days & times, as openings become available. These are unadvertised offers. Request to be on my email list to be notified. Appointments are First Come/First Served.

The best prices are offered with Same Month Openings:

  • Emails are sent out with a selection of days & times for the same calendar month.
  • There are time limits in which to schedule these appointments: Openings cannot be scheduled more than 30 days in advance of the appointment date, but must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance of the appointment date.

Same Week Openings:

These are sent out for select days & times that become available during the Same Week.

Birthday Month Discounts:

Schedule during your birthday month and receive a discount towards extra time or select upgrades.

Please be sure I know your birthday month, or mention it to me when you schedule. An email is sent out at the beginning of each month with a coupon for Birthday Month Massages. These must be redeemed during the BIRTHDAY MONTH. 

Perk Discounts:

Receive discounts on extra time or select upgrades when you schedule at least 1 massage per calendar month.

Perk Points are given for every massage received at your normal price, until a Perk Discount is earned. Emails are sent out when the discount is ready to use.