Discounted Pricing:

  • ​Therapeutic Program;
  • Preexisting Special Offers & Packages;
  • Introductory/Continuance Offers;
  • Upgrading Massage Time or Frequency;
  • Sliding Scale Fees:

I am very happy to offer these discounts, and based upon the average price found elsewhere, prices are generously discounted.

Discounted packages have expiration dates, which may be according to scheduling frequency.

Pay as you go terms offer a built-in package price, with no prepayment required. Prices are determined by each clients scheduling frequency, per massage.

Therapeutic Program:

  • Pay as you go, per massage.
  • Prices are determined by the time lapsed between each appointment received, per massage.
  • Discounts are given on the NORMAL PRICE, and will reduce, if the normal scheduling frequency reduces*.
  • Clients who routinely leave for the Summer, begin this price structure in the Fall.

Preexisting Special Offers & Packages:

  • Please schedule according to the special offer and/or use packages by the expiration date.
  • Package prices are secured when renewals are purchased at the session when the last massage is used each time. Otherwise, prices are subject to increase, or terms may change, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • If packages are allowed to expire, normal prices apply at the first return massage. Prices are determined by the time lapsed between each appointment received*.
  • As of  11/1/19: Clients who routinely leave for the Summer pay the normal price at the first return massage, unless sessions are prepaid for use in the Fall.

*Higher prices may be charged when appointments are missed, or packages are allowed to expire, at the first return massage, unless:

  • Appointments are missed due to illness, injuries, emergencies, and if I must cancel appointments. 

  • Exceptions are not given for time away for Holiday's or vacations on my part. With the significant advance notice provided to clients, alternate appointments can be scheduled when desired.

Prices readjust when the normal scheduling pattern resumes.

Payment Options:

  • Check/Cash
  • Zelle
  • All major credit/debit cards: As of 11/1/19 the cost to process each transaction is: 2.6% + $.10. This may be added to the final price to cover the expense to me. Fees will be waived with gratuities of 20% or more, as my thank you!

Gift Certificates: 

  • If you have a gift certificate that is about to expire, extensions will be given as long as all remaining massages are scheduled in advance, by the original expiration date. 
  • Otherwise, expired amounts apply to a Full Price massage for 1 year from the original expiration date.​

Refunds on Packages and Gift Certificates: 

 Refunds on Packages are given when there are strong indications of it being warranted:  

  • My inability to provide the service over 6 months or more due to illness or injury, upon request.
  • At my discretion, according to circumstances.

Refunds on Gift Certificates. If massages cannot be used by the recipient, they can be gifted to someone else or credited back to the purchaser once expired: 

  • If given to someone else: The purchase price will apply to a Full Price Massage with any remaining balance to be paid by the person who redeems the gift certificate. 
  • If given back to the original purchaser: The purchase price will apply to the price they normally pay.​​

Massage sessions are meant to be for relaxation and healing, so most of what you need to know, or want to know is posted in this website. Other important communications are often delivered by email. Please contact me personally if I can further assist you.

Late Cancellations & No Shows:

Spaces are more likely to be filled with advance notice of cancellation. Please contact me as soon as you know you cannot keep your time. Fees will apply if less than a 24 hour notice is received (48 hours if by email) UNLESS:

  • The time can be filled with another client.
  • Cancellations are due to illness, or sudden emergencies.


  • The first late cancellation: 50% of the service fee.
  • Future late cancellations 100% of the service fee. 
  • No Shows: 100% of the service fee.
  • Appointments that are not officially canceled will be considered to be no shows, as I will assume you are coming unless otherwise notified.

Late Arrivals:

  • Late arrivals will be given what is left of the appointment time with a full charge fee.
  • When schedules permit, the full time can be given with an additional $1 per minute of time added to the massage price, upon request.


My Availability During Illness/Injury:

If I am ill or injured, I will not be able to see clients until I am well or healed. There is no substitute therapist offered.

Clients With Illness:

This is intended to PROTECT all concerned when it comes to contagious illness: All Clients and Myself. This can be a delicate area, so I have taken the steps to avoid any awkward circumstances by notifying and reminding all clients of this policy, in advance, over the years.

The Basic Policy:

  • Clients are not seen during times of illness, or with active symptoms or signs of illness.
  • I ask clients to contact me BEFORE they are seen, so we can discuss the nature of the symptoms, and make the best decision about whether to proceed with the session or not.
  • In General: Sneezing, coughing, sniffling, sore throat, fever, congestion, feeling unusually tired or achy, any infection in the body (including skin infections), and some G I symptoms, are signs that you could be processing something contagious.

Important to know:

  • I have the responsibility to provide my services with care, and my attention must be focused on the well-being of EVERYONE concerned.
  • Because massage sessions are performed in close proximity for an extended period of time, extra caution is taken during cold & flu season.
  • There are variances on what the contagious period of colds & flu are: The onset is the most contagious period, but it is becoming more common to see medical reports stating that the contagious period can be as long as symptoms persist. For this reason, there is a safeguard timeline associated with this policy.
  • I encourage clients to stay home and rest when ill.
  • Fees are NOT CHARGED when cancellations are due to illness.
  • Please contact me as soon as you know you are ill, and reschedule when all symptoms are gone.

Reasons for this policy:

  • Receiving massage therapy has many benefits, but it also has contraindications. These are set by the agencies that regulate the massage therapy industry, as well as overall standards, ethics, and morals for all massage businesses and therapists to follow.
  • Receiving a massage when ill is contraindicated, because we must protect the well-being of all concerned, including the person who is ill.
  • Receiving a massage when ill, will not help a person feel better. In fact, it may make them feel worse, and even prolong recovery.
  • Massage therapy is not intended to treat contagious illness. For this reason,  Massage Therapists do not wear masks and gloves like medical professionals do, in order to protect themselves and others.

In order to protect all concerned, this policy has no exceptions:

If after being notified of this policy, clients ARRIVE ILL, THE SESSION WILL BE POSTPONED. I reserve the right to charge a full charge fee for that session. This is warranted, because I was not given the opportunity to accept or decline the appointment with prior notification, and will be unable to fill the space with another client, resulting in a financial loss.



Small/Quiet pets in carriers can be accommodated. Valid service dogs are permitted. There is limited space in my treatment room to accommodate larger animals.

Personal Items (Jewelry, etc.)

It is not uncommon for clients to leave personal items behind after their massage. I will immediately contact you if I notice you have left something behind in my treatment room. Rest assured that whatever is left behind will be safeguarded, until it is returned to you.

Items left outside of my studio (restroom, lobby, etc.) cannot be safeguarded, and I take no responsibility for those items.

Important Disclaimer:
Jan Jakubowski's massage therapy and bodywork are not meant to be a substitute for any professional health care treatments. Please provide updated information on any changes in the status of your health. If you have a specific illness, please consult your doctor before pursuing any massage therapy or bodywork treatments. Jan does not perform any diagnostic procedure except for assessing and treating each clients complaints due to emotional stress, chronic pain, long standing tension and/or injuries. She does not treat any specific medical condition, intentionally perform spinal/skeletal manipulations, prescribe natural/herbal supplements or pharmaceutical medications. Jan's focus is to promote relaxation and overall health & well-being to all clients. The results achieved will vary depending upon individual situations, unique circumstances, and the frequency of each session received.

Massage Etiquette:

There is an element of trust that helps to make sessions comfortable for the client and the therapist. This is what you can expect from your massage session:

  • First time clients: You will fill out a client intake form. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete this form.
  • You will be greeted, and guided into the treatment room. After a brief introduction and personal interaction regarding your session, I will leave the room, allowing you the privacy to disrobe to your comfort level.
  • Once you are on the massage table, and covered up with the sheet, I will knock and come into the treatment room to begin the session.
  • I go with the flow that you establish as far as talking, sharing, etc. Some silence will allow for greater relaxation.
  • Please inform me if anything feels uncomfortable, including your comfort on the massage table (temperature, etc.).
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Although it is rare today, there are still times when massage therapists are subjected to outdated connotations on the "touch aspect" of massage. For this reason, it must be mentioned that the massage you receive with Jan Jakubowski is strictly legitimate and professional. Any inappropriate advances or suggestions of a sexual nature will result in the immediate termination of the session, with a full charge fee. Future appointments will not be scheduled, and law enforcement may be contacted.

Privacy Statement:
A Touch of Balance Massage for Health and Jan Jakubowski, LMT will not collect personal information on this website, or sell/trade personal/private information to anyone.​​​