Being part of a family massage therapy business, I grew up around many therapists: Family, Students, and Experienced Teachers. As a result, I began receiving 

massage at a very young age. Little did I know that my brain was being imprinted with great knowledge with every massage I received! This was the beginning of my training!

My family business began with my mother (now 91 years old). She was a pioneer in bringing massage therapy out of the darkness and into the light in Phoenix many years ago.
After becoming a massage therapist herself, she opened the first fully accredited massage college in Phoenix at the time: The Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College (later sold). Two subsidiary companies followed: A therapeutic clinic, and an on call massage service, which supplied therapists to most of the high quality resorts in the Valley for many years.

We were established as being a forerunner in the industry at the time. Our strong commitment to establish higher standards and laws, has helped 

evolve the massage industry into what it is known to be today: A highly respected and sought after preventative/alternative health care modality.

My Journey Into Massage Therapy:

Prior to 1988, I worked in accounting/bookkeeping for many years. My last employer was a local General Contractor, where I was a full charge bookkeeper, responsible for all phases of  construction accounting, payroll, and preparations for CPA's.

With a downturn in the economy, this company went out of business, and my life changed.  But, that put me on an entirely different pathway...

I went to massage college, and graduated from The Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1989. I immediately began my career at The Village Tennis Club (now The Village Racquet & Health Club), where I was an Independent Contractor, Lead Therapist, and the Operations Manager through October 2002.

With a change in ownership, I became a part-time employee of DMB Sports Clubs and The Village Racquet & Health Club from October 2002-November 2006.

Some time was spent working with Dr. Alan Abromovitz MD (Pain Specialist). Part of his success in treating chronic pain patients, was due to including 3 massages per week into their treatment protocol. It was a rewarding experience to see how much they improved with massage!

A Touch of Balance Massage for Health began part time in 2002, and went full time in 2006. My business has become what I have envisioned it to be. 
My commitment is to provide the highest quality massage therapy and accommodations to my clients, along with affordable pricing. 

I have been in consistent practice for 30 years, and I'm still going strong!​​

Establishing this many years in the massage industry doesn't come easy, but I'm not not even close to burning out! In fact, I am stronger than ever before! As of 2019, I have counted 82,000 hours of hands on experience!

Most of my progression and growth has not been learned in a classroom, but by working, experiencing, and being with so many different elements that have come my way as a long time massage therapist.

This is a field where one never stops learning, growing, and progressing. I engage in regular continuing education and I'm always doing some sort of self education associated with bodywork and healing.

My strong body, mind and spirit have allowed me to do a lot of hard physical work. With a lot of determination and gratitude, I strive to be my best, and I am committed to becoming even better with each passing year, so that I can pass it all along to you!

Jan Jakubowski, LMT.​

Providing Quality Massage Therapy in Scottsdale and Phoenix since 1989!