Introductory offer ​through September 30, 2018!

If you are scheduling with me for the first time at The Quiet Center, you can receive 1, or up to 3 introductory massages at a big discount this Summer!

Receiving 3 massages is highly recommended for the maximum benefits to unfold!

​For any massage type!

Pay as you go:

60 minutes $60 ea.

90 minutes $80 ea.

Prepay for 3 at your first session, and save another $10 on each massage: 

3 - 60 minute massages $150

3 - 90 minute massages $210

  • Please use all massages by 9/30/18. Extensions are given when necessary.
  • These can be given as gifts to new clients (see how you can save with referrals on my Ways to Save page).

Continuance Offer:

Once you receive 3 massages, a one time special offer with reduced prices will be available, based upon your preferred massage type and scheduling frequency.


Receive 3 massages in 6 months. Please begin to purchase at massage #3, and renew at the session when the last massage is used each time.


Schedule Regular Massage:

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or a minimum of 1 massage per calendar month. Please have 1- 3 appointments scheduled in advance as you go forward, in order to receive your best days & times!